Forget Dry January as it's all about TRYanuary here!

Make it your mission to try something new this January! Whether it’s a new cask ale that sounds interesting or that gin you’ve always wanted to try – do it during TRYanuary!

What is TRYanuary?

TRYanuary all began back in 2015 when beer lover Andy Heggs wanted to use his social media influence to encourage support for all the independent breweries, pubs and shops during what can be the hardest month of the year for this industry.

Using the hashtag #TRYanuary, the campaign has gone strength to strength with beer enthusiasts all over the country posting and sharing their new-found favourite beers.

How can you get involved?

TRYanuary isn’t about drinking more, but trying something new, trying out different tastes and you might even find a new favourite!

Throughout January, we will be continuing our tradition of offering an ever-changing, great range of cask ales and our fridges full of different bottles & cans. There is always something new to try to suit every taste!

Remember to share your TRYanuary experience on social media using the hashtag #TRYanuary.

Not just for beer!

Whilst the origins of TRYanuary are rooted in beer, we think it should be expanded to everything in life!

That’s why this January, we will be showcasing the best of our wines, gins, spirits, rums, whiskies, cocktails and even food! We believe there is always something new to try in one of our pubs and after all, it is good to try something new…

Where to go?

Academy | Bear & Billet | Fly in the Loaf | Lady of Mann | Thomas Rigby’s

Arcadia | Bar T’at | Brigantes | Coopers | East of Arcadia | Horse & Farrier | The Mews | The Mitre | Narrow Boat | Old Bell | The Swan | The Tithe | Town Street | Veritas