Eat Your Way Around The 6 Nations

Tackle your Nation's burger or take down the opponent's!

Throughout the Tournament, we’ve got a menu full of patriotic burgers; from haggis stuffed to mushroom, bacon and brie topped.

Catch all the action at participating site and try your team’s burger to show support or take out your frustration by chomping down on the opponent’s.

Take a look at our scrum-tious Burger Menu


Chicken breast topped with salami, mozzarella & roast pepper pesto

Les Bleu

Bourguignonne style marinated beef burger topped with mushrooms, bacon & brie

Red Rose

Beef burger topped with stilton, black pudding and piccalilli

The Shamrock

Beef & Guinness burger with Irish cabbage pickle and Cashel blue cheese

The Thistle

Haggis stuffed beef burger with cheddar & pickled onions

The Dragon

Chicken breast with Welsh rarebit and bacon

Available from:

Bear & Billet | Fly in the Loaf | Thomas Rigby’s  | East of Arcadia