Charity of the Year

We're adding the FUN into fundraising!

We believe pubs are at the heart of every community and we aim to build and nurture these relationships through everything we do. We understand the importance of giving back to our local community and place our charity activities as a top priority.

We are delighted that our nominated charity this year is Guide Dogs.

We want to support a charity with a positive, life-changing impact and the guide dog service does just that, transforming the lives of more than 10,000 blind and partially sighted people every year. In 2015 they provided two million days of mobility!

As such, we want to raise £30,000 to name and sponsor the training of 3 guide dog puppies.

The money raised will give us the privilege of naming three guide dog puppies. We will also receive individual updates on their progress through training as well as photographs from birth to qualification as a guide dog. It takes around 20 months to transform a tiny puppy into a confident guide dog, and we, and our customers, can proudly follow them every step of the way.

How much we’ve raised so far… 

A huge thank you to all of our customers who have contributed to our fundraising efforts so far. We’re happy to announce that our total to date is a whopping £33,794, which means we were able to sponsor a third guide dog to join Brearley and Amber on their journeys to becoming fully trained Guide Dogs!

Amber’s First PupDate!

July 2019

Our little bundle of fluff Amber is now 16 weeks old and has started to her pup training with her new puppy walker Lynne.

Amber has had a very busy few weeks getting into her new routine and appears to be settling well into her new lifestyle. Her puppy walker Lynne has provided us with her 4-month progress report and it’s great to see that Amber is making pleasing progress in her early stages and whilst taking her job very serious, is still such a bright and active puppy. She enjoys retrieve games and lots of cuddles.

Brearley’s Last Pupdate!

July 2019

In regards to our oldest and dearest pup Brearley, he has decided that a career as a Guide Dog is not for him and he would be much happier running free in the Ayres of the Isle of Man with unlimited pets.

Out of all the dogs bred and trained to work as Guide Dogs, only around 75% are successful. Brearley showed incredible promise throughout his training that he would make a fine Guide Dog, however a recent relaxed attitude on walks, taking in the scenery and having a little lie down until he was ready to continue his journey, has meant that he has been withdrawn from the programme.

Jane, his puppy walker, has done such a fantastic job with Brearley and has tried with multiple trainers to correct this habit, however, sometimes pups just decide a life of work isn’t for them.

What does this mean for Brearley? Brearley will now begin his journey to be rehomed with a loving family. We do have a wonderful home for him in the Isle of Man lined up, so fingers crossed all goes to plan and we could be seeing Brearley out and about.

Now, given that Brearley has withdrawn from the programme, that does leave us without a second guide dog.

The Name a Puppy team has confirmed that it is protocol to replace any withdrawn sponsored Guide Dog, now we’re not saying that Brearley is at all replaceable to us but we will be expecting another new pup over the next week or so. When we have an update, we will of course let you all know!

We should keep in mind that while it is disappointing Brearley did not make it as an official Guide Dog, other dogs within the programme will continue to change the lives of people that need it. We still have two very promising pups in the ranks and almost a third so fingers crossed.