Cask Ale Week

Try something new this Cask Ale Week!

What is Cask Ale?

Cask Ale, also known as cask-conditioned beer, is beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation process in the cask (barrel). Unfiltered and unpasteurised, without the addition of nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure, the beer continues to ferment until it is poured.

Similar to wine, the yeast in the cask not only converts the sugars into alcohol, but also works on the inside of the barrel, leading to a greater depth of flavour.

Invented in Britain, some argue cask ale is Britain’s best invention!

Top 5 Facts

  1. Cask ale is guaranteed to be fresh! It is as fresh as beer can possibly be with the removal of the pasteurisation process.
  2. Cask ale is local! Due to the shorter shelf life, cask ale is usually served closer to the brewery.
  3. Cask ale is unique! The traditional method of brewing mean cask ales feature aromas, flavours and characters which are not found in any other type of beer.
  4. Cask ale is still alive! As it hasn’t been filtered and pasteurised, the yeast in the beer is still alive and working until the final point of pouring.
  5. Cask ale is good for you! As only natural ingredients are used, there are no chemicals or preservatives present. Cask ale also benefits from Vitamin B and probiotic qualities from the yeast which hasn’t been filtered out.

How to Join in Cask Ale Week?

20th September – Launch Day

Celebrate the start of Cask Ale Week by raising a glass of Cask! Either try something new or stick to your favourite, the choice is yours.

22nd September – FemALE Day

An on-going initiatives of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) is to encourage more women to try cask ale. After all, why should the good tasting beer be left for just the men to enjoy!

26th September – Introduce a Friend Day

Share the joy of cask ale by buying a pint for your non cask drinking mate!

30th September – Big Finale

Raise a toast to cask ale!